Apple seeds iTunes 11.1 beta 2 to developers

itunes 11-1 beta 2

As expected, Apple has seeded iTunes 11.1 beta 2 to developers this afternoon. The release comes shortly after the company released iTunes 11.0.5 to the public, which included a fix for iTunes in the Cloud.

Today’s update also comes a little more than two weeks after Apple released the first beta for iTunes 11.1, which included support for iTunes Radio, Apple’s ad-driven music service. More details after the fold…

Given the fact that today’s public iTunes release, 11.0.5, featured a similar iTunes in the Cloud fix to the one in yesterday’s iOS 7 beta 6 release, it seems likely that this is the case here. So nothing too exciting.

That being said, this is the first iTunes beta we’ve seen since last month, so it’s possible that it also contains some new features. We’re downloading it now, and it will let you know if we find anything notable.

As with all of Apple’s beta software, iTunes 11.1 beta 2 can be downloaded from Apple’s Dev Center.