Apple TV 5.4 Beta 4 seeded to developers

Apple TV (teaser 001)

Along with seeding the fifth iOS 7 beta to its registered developers, Apple has also issued the fourth beta of the upcoming Apple TV 5.4 software update.

The beta firmware files for the second and third-generation Apple TV model, as well as the tweaked third-gen model (Rev A), are now available to the registered members of Apple’s paid developer program through the iOS Dev Center

Release notes for the fourth Apple TV 5.4 beta reiterate “you can now use an iOS 7 device to set up an Apple TV after restoring or resetting all settings”.

Other than that, I couldn’t find any other changes in the new build.

You must install the software through iTunes, using a USB to micro-USB cable.

Make sure to let us know about any noteworthy changes in the Apple TV 5.4 Beta 4 software down in the comments or via and I’ll update the post accordingly.

The previous beta, which was released on July 29, brought a number of under-the-hood improvements, including the ability to purchase iTunes music and another new feature allowing for easy set-top box setup after a full restore or reseting all settings using an iPhone or iPad.

The latter feature is not supported on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

The first beta of the Apple TV 5.4 software has introduced iTunes Radio, a new Conference Room Display mode, custom subtitles and more.