How to download Vine videos directly to your Camera Roll

VineDownloader is a very simple jailbreak tweak that does exactly what its name promises that it will. If you’ve always wanted the ability to be able to save your favorite Vines, then you’ll be happy to know that this tweak does it, and it does it quite well. VineDownloader is available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. Take a look inside, as we go hands-on with the tweak on video…

Once installed, you’ll notice a new preference panel for VineDownloader in the stock Settings app. This new panel isn’t very exciting, as it contains one option — a simple kill switch that turns the save setting on or off.

Obviously, you’ll need the official Vine app to take advantage of VineDownloader, so make sure you have it installed. Once you do, open up the Vine app, and you’ll notice an ellipsis icon beneath each video. Tap that icon, and you’ll find an option that’s not normally present in the unmodified version of Vine — “Save video”. Tapping Save video for the first time will bring up the pop-up asking for permission to access your Photos. Once you give it permission, each video that you save will be saved in its entirety to your Camera Roll with sound.

VineDownloader is a great way to archive the special moments that you come across on Vine. Let me know what you think about it; would you pay $0.99 for the ability to archive your favorite Vine flicks?