If Gunner Z is half as good as the trailer…

Gunner Z (iPhone screenshot 001)

In a flurry of unimaginative iOS games releases every now and then a brave developer comes forward, daring to change the status quo.

While the premise of BitMonster’s upcoming shooter Gunner Z may revolve around milking the zombie theme for all its worth, top-notch execution will make it worthwhile, courtesy of the all-powerful Unreal engine.

At any rate, you have to give it to BitMonster for the novel night-vision turret combat style. If the game is half as good as the trailer, I’m definitely sold…

First things first: yes, you’ll be facing off against an army of the undead. Some of BitMonster developers were previously with Epic Games so that kinda explains the eye-popping console-grade graphics.

Have a look below.

I love the post apocalyptic feel to Gunner Z: ruined buildings, grim atmosphere and broken glass form the perfect setting for blowing stuff up – and boy do I love the smell of orange explosions in the morning.

I’m still torn whether Gunner Z is about nuking zombies or mechs out of orbit.

Gunner Z for iOS (iphone screenshots 002)

The BitMonster blog solves the mystery:

It’s a game about zombies, weapon upgrades, vehicle customization, and trying to stop the apocalypse!

The game will let you create various trucks and modify them with an extendable crane boom arm which supports remotely operated weapons. You’ll need these badass vehicles because the enemy military has infested the city by deploying intelligent (not mindless!) zombies, mammoth biological beasts and remotely-operated aerial drones, tracked RPG turrets, APCs, tanks and more.

Currently in closed beta, Gunner Z is just around the corner so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled as we track its progress.

And yes, it’s an iOS exclusive.