Keep your Lightning cable handy with Nomad [review and giveaway]

Nomad Cable

Running out of the house with an empty iPhone battery can be catastrophic. We have all been there, stuck in the office, out of town, on a long car ride, when the low battery indicator pops up begging for more juice. Despite many 21st century successes, smartphone batteries still weigh us down. Unfortunately, this causes me to keep a Lightning cable near my nightstand, at the iMac, around the office, and in my car.

To prevent such problems, Kero developed the Nomad cable. Cleverly designed as a keychain, Nomad is a 3″, fully Apple certified lifesaver. The seemingly simplistic resolution to an everyday problem prevents charging headaches…

Why don’t you need one?

The concept behind Nomad is simple, you always have your keys, therefore, you will always have a Lightning cable. To especially harp on the traveling scenario, I double and triple check my bag to ensure I stashed a charging cable in the pocket. In the future, Nomad will change all of those worries.

At 3″, it is short enough to match the other keys on your ring and prevent a tangled mess. Also, at that length, there is just enough cord flexibility to allow an iPhone or iPad to move around when plugged into a charging source. For example, if you have the misfortune of owning a PC laptop with vertical USB ports, your iPhone can still sit flat on a table when charging via Nomad.

Obviously, the execution of this simple accessory is amazingly convenient, but there are a few polished upgrades I would like to see added in future builds. Primarily, I would prefer the keyring attachment loop to be metal, preferably brushed aluminum. Why not make the cable tips aluminum at the same time? It would feel safer and more sturdy with a metallic loop and accents. Also, I would love a little cap for the Lightning pin, instead of having it dangle freely in the elements. If this cable is going to knock around in my pocket with keys, coins, and breath mints, there is a good chance I damage the tip.

Overall, at $24.99, you really need to desire a portable Lightning option. The price point is a little high mostly due to Apple certification and free shipping, as picking up an OEM cable is only $19 for a full meter. The convenience of the keychain cable may be worth the extra $5 to some customers, just to enjoy the portability of an always ready charging option.


What do you have to do to win?

We teamed up with Kero to give away 5 Nomad cables to you! Sorry to our international readers, this one is for US and Canada residents only. Five lucky winners who follow the next steps will be chosen to win:

Thanks again to Kero for sending over the review unit and we look forward to selecting a winner by week’s end. You will be contacted via Twitter DM if you have won!


We are excited to announce @jocur70, @askeric, @appleforkids, @sardoc84, and @cl1ck4207 all won a Nomad cable! Thanks to Kero for the giveaway units! Keep coming back for more giveaways! We always have something brewing.

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