Popular Limbo game hitting App Store next week

Limbo (PC Screenshot 002)

Developed by Danish team Playdead, Limbo, the popular puzzle action adventure, became a smash hit shortly following its Xbox Live launch in 2010. Soon after, the game was ported to Windows and Mac PCs and Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, winning numerous accolades and garnering over a hundred awards.

I’ve been looking forward to playing Limbo on my iPhone for ages so you can imagine me surprised realizing my prayers have now been answered because Playdead just announced that Limbo will land on the App Store as early as next week. Couldn’t be happier!

According to a media release, Limbo will be available worldwide on the App Store Wednesday, July 3, and priced at $4.99. The release will be offered in the form of a universal binary natively supporting the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Limbo (PC Screenshot 001)

From the announcement:

We have worked very hard to bring Limbo to as many devices as possible; rethinking the controls and performing extensive optimizations to ensure an amazing touch-based experience across iPad 2 (and higher), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (and higher) and the latest generation of iPod Touch.

Here’s a trailer.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Limbo and report our initial impressions here as soon as it launches. In the meantime, check out Limbo on the Mac App Store.

Limbo (PC Screenshot 003)

When developers Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti founded Playdead back in 2006, the only purpose of the company was to bring Limbo to life.

The wild success of the game took the dynamic duo by surprise as the game sold over three million copies across the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Steam, Mac App Store and Playstation Vita.

Such a success has enabled Playdead to expand its operations so the company now employs 26 people in its Copenhagen, Denmark studio.