Apple highlights iOS 7 benefits in Business and Education

iOs 7 and Business

Apple last night started targeting big business and education with a pair of new promotional web page highlighting the benefits of iOS 7 in Enterprise and Education. For businesses of all sizes, the web page reads, “iOS 7 offers more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience for your employees”.

And even though iOS already is by far the most popular enterprise mobile platform, the company isn’t resting on its laurels and is now promoting new iOS 7 capabilities that it hopes will make the mobile operating system even more appealing to businesses big and small alike…

Apple’s pitch on the iOS 7 and Business web page goes something like this:

iOS 7 provides enhanced security, powerful new ways to configure and deploy devices at scale, and features to help businesses purchase, distribute, and manage apps with ease.

Features including per app VPN, enterprise single sign on, App Store license management, and new mobile device management (MDM) configuration options are just some of the new capabilities in iOS 7 that provide more for organizations of all sizes.

Businesses which deploy iOS 7 will be able to manage which apps and accounts can open documents, on a per-app and per-account basis. Moreover, iOS 7 lets administrators configure individual apps to automatically connect to VPN when opened.

IT administrators will love richer device configuration options, more powerful mobile device management features, more flexible management of App Store licenses and server caching of software purchases and downloads for more efficient distribution.

On a related note, Apple previously ran this video highlighting the power of its developer ecosystem.

As for single sign-on, that feature lets apps authenticate corporate credentials, including downloads from the App Store. And in the interest of stronger data protection in apps, iOS 7 leverages your passcode to create a “strong and unique encryption key”.

And even though Apple’s iOS 7 and Business web page doesn’t even mention it, iOS 7 now separates work from private data in a manner similar to Samsung’s Knox corporate software, which makes it easier for companies to allow employees to bring their personal devices to work.

iOS 7 and Education (teaser 001)

The iOS 7 and Education web page re-iterrates some of the aforementioned benefits, including single sign-on for an institution’s apps and the App Store license management.

It also mentioning other iOS 7 features for educational institutions like AirDrop and Apple TV enhancements like MDM enrollment and configuration profiles for AirPlay destinations.

“MDM can prompt a student to mirror their screen on a specific Apple TV, so teachers can easily put their work on the big screen,” Apple writes.

As we reported here, an upcoming Apple TV firmware (currently in beta) will bring Conference Room Display, iTunes Radio, custom subtitles and more.

Apple TV 5.4 Beta (Conference Room mode, iGen 001)

Moreover, schools will have a program to facilitate Apple obtaining verifiable parental consent for personal Apple IDs for students under age 13, the page reads.

If you’re interested in learning more, MacWorld has additional details on iOS 7 changes for Education and Business.