Withings enters fitness tracking space with new Pulse wearable

withings pulse 2

If there’s one market that’s really exploded over the last year or two, I’d say it’s wearable computers—more specifically fitness trackers. There’s already a number of companies in the space, including Nike and Jawbone, and giants like Apple and Samsung are rumored to be joining soon.

And this weekend, veteran iOS accessory-maker Withings officially joined the fray by putting its wearable Pulse tracker up for pre-order. The device, which it showed off at CES earlier this year, can be pocketed, clipped or worn on your wrist and tracked and by a mobile app…

Highlighted by TechCrunch today, the Pulse’s feature set should sound familiar. The device keeps track of the number of steps you’ve taken and calories you’ve burned throughout the day, as well as your sleep patterns. And  it serves up all of this data in a motivating, user-friendly app.

Here’s a hands-on video from Engadget at CES this year:

The Pulse does have a few unique elements though. For starters, it has a touch-sensitive OLED display that lets you browse through your data on-device by swiping. And it also has a built-in heart rate monitor—just press your finger to the back of the device for a few seconds and ta-da!

Another benefit of the Pulse is that it comes from Withings, who already offers a bevy of iOS accessories like smart scales and body analyzers. As you can imagine, the Pulse app can pull in data from these other devices and give you even more insight on your health and fitness levels.

As aforementioned, the Pulse isn’t out just yet. But it is available on the Withings website for pre-order, and appears to be shipping within 30 days. It’ll cost you $99, and comes with the Pulse tracker, silicon and metal clips, a sleep wristband, and a Micro USB to USB charging cable.

What do you think of the Pulse?