Man of Steel game arrives ahead of tomorrow’s Superman movie premiere

Man of Steel (iPad screenshot 001)

As part of the upcoming Superman movie, Warner Bros. today released the official movie tie-in game on the App Store. The Man of Steel companion game supports all form-fator iDevices natively and features great graphics and memorable locations such as Smallville and the Kent Farm.

This being an action-focused arcade title means you’ll be fighting foes using a plethora of moves, bone-crunching combos and super powers. I’ve included the official promo video and more tidbits right after the break…

You can attack your enemies, dodge and block their moves and of course crush the baddies using Superman’s super powers (flight, super speed and heat vision, to name a few).

The game features both Story and Survival mode and includes mini-bosses and technologically advanced foes featured in the film.

Man of Steel (iPad screenshot 002)

There are six upgradeable Superman suits to be unlocked, all taken from the movie. You can also customize your character by the specific abilities you use the most.

Here’s your trailer.

The game costs three bucks and is available now on the App Store.

The Android edition is available from Google’s Play store and Amazon’s Appstore for Android. The movie opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow, June 14.