iOS 7: Charging

iOS 7 charging featured

As you know, many an item has changed with iOS 7 from a visual perspective. We’ve already covered some of the details of the Lock screen, booting, etc. What about something as subtle as the visual cues when the device begins to charge? Indeed, those have been totally revamped as well, and the changes, I believe, are for the better. Take a look…

The best change is without a doubt the dismissal of the colossal battery image on your Lock screen. Why did we need that huge battery image on the Lock screen in the first place? This has been completely removed for a more appropriate battery icon that appears over the Lock screen wallpaper, and disappears a few seconds afterwards. No longer will you have to be concerned about the battery logo hindering your wallpaper.

The second change is with the status bar battery indicator. The indicator itself, when not charging, matches iOS 7’s minimalistic new design. When you charge the device, instead of just a static image of the battery with a lightning bolt displayed in the middle, you’re greeted with a pulsating lightning bolt icon located just to the right of the battery. Again, it’s a very subtle effect, but it’s largely better than what we’ve had to deal with over the last few years. Be sure to watch our video above for a comparison between the two styles.

What do you think about the new Battery charging indicators in iOS 7? Do you like them, or do you feel like its too huge a departure from what we currently have? Share your thoughts and comments below.