Black-clad mystery banners spotted ahead of WWDC keynote

WWDC 2013 (black banner 001)

With less then an hour until Apple’s big keynote, WWDC attendees are now being let inside Moscone West and seated. Indicating it may have a surprise announcement up its sleeve, Apple has covered a few banner inside the building in black cloth.┬áBut don’t get your hopes up too high, the mystery banners could also advertise a headline new iOS 7 or OS X 10.9 feature rather than a brand new product.

Oh, and we’ve got a few images showing the other another Steve, Steve Wozniak, showing up at WWDC and driving around on his Segway, God-like light shinning over 1 Infinite Loop and more…

Here’s another one, just above the press food trough, via Matthew Panzarino.

WWDC 2013 (black banner 002)

Check out the Woz on his Segway.

Stve Wozniak on Segway at WWDC 2013
Via James Martin.

Tim Cook and Al Gore…

Tim Cook and Al Gore at WWDC 2013

And Apple’s design guru Jony Ive. He doesn’t look dressed for a presentation.

Jony Ive at WWDC 2013

This was the line outside.

WWDC 2103 crowd outside
Via Rene Ritchie.

Doors open…

Check out the crowd inside.

WWDC 2013 crowd inside
Via Joshua Topolsky.

And here’s my favorite, depicting light over 1 Infinite Loop.

WWDC 2013 (light over 1 Infinite Loop)
Via Apple software engineer James Wilson.

It’s quite surreal.

Makes you wonder, no?

Here’s what one joker thinks is under the secret banner.

Scott Forstall WWDC 2013 black banner
Via Doney den Ouden.

Anyway, what do you think these tantalizing black-clad banners signify?