SolePower brings USB power to anyone that walks

SolePowerDetermined to provide renewable power for all USB powered devices, SolePower transfers walking energy to a wearable storage unit for on-demand charging. While away from AC outlets, charging becomes increasingly difficult, even when toting around large solar panels. Similarly, battery backup cases only provide a specific amount of renewed life for a smartphone. The team of young engineers with SolePower insists on carrying a charging station all the time, in a shoe!

Walking motion capacitors are not new to the gadget scene, but an interchangeable sole is the new attraction. Adding SolePower is simple, just pull out the existing shoe insert and replace with a new iPhone charging version. Once the conversion is complete, walk between 2.5 and 5 miles to fully charge an iPhone…

So what’s the big deal? Renewable energy is the crown jewel of SolePower and unlike crank chargers or solar power, the only energy source needed is a brisk walk around the block. As the team mentions, SolePower is an excellent tool for emergency responders and civilians during natural disasters or unpredictable tragedy. The tornado in Oklahoma City, Super Storm Sandy, or even the attack in Boston are several recent examples when SolePower could provide support.

Other developing countries deal with electricityless situations on a daily basis. Imagine health care services or aid teams that travel the world supporting local villages. These groups, and the locals they help, will benefit from renewable energy. Realizing this opportunity, SolePower has instituted a TOMs-like mission to sell-one send-one, where a SolePower unit will be donated to relief efforts in developing countries.

While SolePower requires an anklet harness or shoe string attachment to operate, the product is still in late development stages and the Kickstarter project will help realize the goals at a quicker pace, perhaps streamlining the final package. Having only posted their project within the week, SoleProject has already managed to raise around $11,000. With a $50,000 goal and roughly 41 days to go, the project appears achievable with proper support. Already, the early bird prices are gone and nabbing a SolePower unit, tshirt, and bumper sticker requires a $100 pledge.

Promising hard work and to beat their own timeline, SolePower conservatively estimates a delivery of December 2014. However, with a Carnegie Mellon and UC Berkeley team of entrepreneurs, there is a good chance Christmas will come early.

Prevent your iPhone from dying on a regular basis and support the team, while supporting a developing community at the same time.

What do you think about this new technology? Are you interested in always being able to charge your iPhone?