Kindle app updated with line spacing options, multipage highlights and more

kindle 38 screenshot

Amazon has today released an update for its native Kindle iOS app, bringing the e-reader client to version 3.8. The update includes a mix of a handful of new features and numerous bug fixes and improvements.

Perhaps the most prominent enhancement in today’s release is the new line spacing options. You can now adjust the page layout to display text in one of three different spacing settings: normal, loose and tight…

Here’s the full 3.8 change log:

• Line Spacing – loose, normal, and tight line spacing options change the page layout to suit your reading preference
• Multipage Highlights – highlight long passages that span multiple pages for added convenience
• Print Replica Textbooks notebook improvements – filter by type: notes, bookmarks, and highlights by color; Sync starred notes between devices
• Accessibility Improvements – select a higher maximum font size, bug fixes 
• Bug Fixes/Stability Improvements

If you ever felt that text in the Kindle app was too clustered, you’ll really appreciate the new line spacing tool. The new multipage highlight feature is nice too, particularly as a study aide for students and teachers.

Amazon has been updating its iOS Kindle client on what seems like a monthly basis this year, and the app now has a laundry list of features that I think would satisfy even the most demanding e-book aficionados.

As usual, you can find the latest version of Kindle in the App Store, for both the iPhone and iPad for free. Obviously, though, you’ll need an Amazon account to get much use out of it.