How to nest App Store preferences and Cydia preferences into separate folders


Do you find that your Settings app has been inundated with settings from various App Store apps and Cydia tweaks? If so, then you should consider checking out PreferenceOrganizer — a jailbreak tweak that nests both App Store apps and Cydia tweaks into separate folders.

PreferenceOrganizer is a simple and straightforward tweak that does just as its description says and nothing more. Take a look inside for more details.

This is a tweak, a sort of unofficial successor to Preference Folders, can help tidy up your Settings app significantly, especially so if you have lots of apps and tweaks installed on the device. Now, instead of a list of preferences, you’ll find two new folders — Cydia and App Store — that contain all of your preferences.

If you want to try out PreferenceOrganizer, then you can download it, and install using iFile. The package has been rejected by the BigBoss as explained in this Reddit thread:

Apparently BigBoss won’t approve the tweak seeing as when users want to troubleshoot a problem, they often resort to the settings. With the tweak, the Settings is reorganized, making this “difficult for an unknowing third-party”. Also, where ‘PreferenceFolders’ allows for manual organisation, ‘PreferenceOrganizer’ is automatic and may cause “user confusion”. Another point made was that the tweak uses ‘arbitrary’ labels where the folder name ‘Cydia’ should not represent tweak preferences. Finally, the last point was that the tweak is for cosmetics gain only, and not for performance.

Since Preference Folders is no longer an option on iOS 6, I can see this being a handy tweak, but it’s also understandable why it was rejected. Let me know what you think about PreferenceOrganizer in the comments section below.