Poll: who’s excited about black & white iOS 7 facelift?

Winterboard theme (iOS 86, Anton Repponen 002)

If you’ve been following Apple stories lately, chances are you came across a news piece last week that calls for a black and white iOS 7 redesign.

You know, the facelift reportedly in the works under the guidance of Apple’s legendary design guru Jony Ive. It should be, in a word, awesome.

As asserted by the very reliable writer Mark Gurman, Ive not only got rid of skeumorphism, he also eliminated the shine and transparent gloss for one that’s flat and mostly black and white.

And with two weeks until Apple’s June 10 keynote at WWDC 2013, we’ll soon find out just how deep the rabbit hole of visual changes in iOS 7 go. For now, we’re asking you to join the discussion and tell us where you stand on the black & white iOS 7 revamp…

By the way, a lot of people are wondering about WWDC invitation graphics, seen below.

WWDC 2013

Blogger Joshua Merrill was first to speculate that it could represent a stack of colored app icons, where each color represents a particular (redesigned) stock iOS app.

Indeed, Gurman wrote in his exhaustive iOS 7 revamp story:

While the core elements of those apps are mostly white, each app has been given a unique button color.

Essentially, each app has a white base with a respective color theme.

For those wondering, Apple is also said to be testing a “dedicated, easily-accessible panel for Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth toggles,” Gurman’s sources claim.


And just like that, not only does the WWDC logo suddenly make a lot of sense, we can now more or less accurately imagine the new look of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Winterboard theme (iOS 86, Anton Repponen 001)

As for the retro-looking images I used throughout this piece, they picture a Winterboard theme called iOS ’86, conceptualized by artist Anton Repponen and created by an Italian designer named Cody Gordon.

With that in mind, cast your vote now.


As always, feel free to discuss your vote with fellow readers down in comments.