Don’t know what to do this weekend? Check out these 7 apps

iPhone 5 apps“Everybody’s working for the weekend…” Loverboy’s song never made more sense to me than it does now that I’m always looking for things to do on the weekends. Some of us want nothing more than to relax by the pool with a frosty beverage and a good book. Others want to turn their city into a playground.

Whether you are looking for a game to fill up your free time, an organizer for your movies, or a new photography app to take pictures of your cat with, we’ve got a list to keep you busy this weekend…


Hipstamatic recently launched a new social-networking app that is not entirely unlike Instagram. That is, users upload images under their own account, follow their friend’s feeds, and check out popular picks. Unlike Instagram, OGGL doesn’t let you choose from your device’s photo library. Just like Hipstamatic, the experience is with snapping an image without knowing what it will look like until it’s been processed. Unfortunately, OGGLE is by invitation only at the moment, so you’ll have to wait until the developers think you are cool enough to join. You can request an invitation and hopefully be a part of the hip community in a short time. This app is available for free.

This is not a Ball Game IconThis is not a Ball Game

What makes this app so interesting is not the gameplay. It is not really any different than a typical physics-base skee ball type game. It is the interesting graphics and surreal imagery. Players help a genie bring magic back to the world by knocking down animal cutouts in a circus. The balls have their own magic. Some of them can slow down time, cause an electrical storm, and explode on contact. The game starts out simple, but quickly becomes vastly more challenging, making for an interesting afternoon of game play. If you like ball flick games that require aim and timing, you’ll be entertained for at least a few hours. This game is available for free.

Impossible Road IconIMPOSSIBLE ROAD

There is nothing more irritating than being told that something is impossible to accomplish, except finding out that something really is impossible. This game is about as unachievable to complete as anything I’ve ever played. However, the challenge is so good that all I want to do is sit around playing it all day until I’m excellent at it. Players earn points by passing gates as they try to keep their ball balanced on a track. The game is set up to be unbelievably difficult. However, if you learn the trick to earning points, it starts to get really fun. This game is available for $1.99.

Royal Envoy 2 IconRoyal Envoy 2 HD (Premium)

Time management games are a total time sucker. I have spent many weekends, face inches from my computer screen, sending little men to complete menial tasks. Frankly, I love every minute of it. This is the sequel to the popular time management game of the same name. Here, players must help Cedric rebuild houses, repair bridges, and clear the roads so that townsfolk can get through. The first eight levels come with the download and the rest of the game can be purchased for only $4.99. Make sure you download the “Premium” title or you’ll have to pay two dollars more to unlock the full game. This game is available for free.

Hangouts IconHangouts

Google just launched its newest social app. Don’t worry, you won’t have to add this to the plethora of other Google chat apps you already have. This one replaces all of them. Or, it at least replaces most of them. If you have a separate app for G-Chat, Google Talk, and Google +, this is your lucky day. Hangouts replaces them. What is even better is that the app is on schedule to someday be SMS-compatible. You won’t be deleting Facebook Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, or iOS Messages anytime soon, but it will at least tidy up your Google mess. This app is available for free.

Limelight IconLimelight – Your Movie Library

There are plenty of apps for organizing your favorite television shows, but not as many for keeping track of your favorite movies. Personally, I’d rather watch movies any day of the week than 90 percent of the stuff that comes out on TV these days. This app is great for cinephiles that like making sure they don’t miss the new blockbuster hits of the summer. You can pick from a list of suggested movies to watch for, or search for titles manually. Read summaries, reviews, and release dates of titles. You can also add movies to your “Watched” list, or send them to the section of movies you want to see. All of your movie information is stored online, so you can access it from any Web browser. This app is available for $0.99.

Can Knockdown 3 IconCan Knockdown 3

I’ve had Can Knockdown on my iPhone for years. It is a go-to app when I’m standing in a long line. The old man and I are constantly trying to out score each other. He usually wins. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a sequel, so this release was quite a shock. The third in the trilogy takes everything you love from the previous games and gives it an epic graphics overhaul. There are five different areas of game play and a multitude of different balls to throw. Obstacles include cranes that get in the way, rotating platforms, and all manner of things you would never find in a carnival can knockdown game. This game is available for $0.99.