This new Velox add-on lends a stopwatch to your Home screen

Stopwatch for Velox

As we predicted in our Velox walkthrough, the add-ons for the tweak are proving to be popular, even at the outset of its release. For example, Stopwatch for Velox is a brand new jailbreak add-on for Velox that places a handy stopwatch on your Home screen.

In pure Velox fashion, this add-on allows you to perform a swipe gesture on the stock iOS clock to reveal a usable stopwatch. Take a look inside to see it in action..

As you can see, the add-on is quite simple, yet effective. You can easily stop, clear, or start the stopwatch right from the Velox enhanced Clock app folder.

One complaint I have about this add-on is that it’s not very flexible. For instance, if I start the stopwatch, and then exit the folder, when I come back, it’s back to its initial starting position. Not only that, but the stopwatch doesn’t actually link to the stock Clock app’s stopwatch for additional functionality.

Right now Stopwatch for Velox is a bit limited in its function, but it’s a good demonstration as to what’s possible with Velox’s API. The add-on is a free download via Cydia’s BigBoss repo, so let me know what you think when you give it a shot.