LSScrubbing allows you to scrub music from the Lock screen


LSScrubbing is a recently released tweak that does something so obvious, you’ll wonder why it was never there to begin with. The tweak allows you to scrub audio from the Lock screen, which is basically a fancy term for moving forward or backward through a song manually.

The stock Lock screen music controls allow you to skip tracks, go to a previous track, pause, play, or adjust the volume. They also allow you to tap and hold on the previous/next buttons to rewind or fast forward, but there’s no scrubbing to be found. LSScrubbing fixes that glaring omission, but you’ll have to pay up to do so.

I understand that this is a much wanted feature to have on the Lock screen, but I have to say that the $1.99 (BigBoss) asking price is pretty steep for a tweak that features no settings or options. The tweak doesn’t even work with third party music apps, it only works with the stock Music app.

LSScrubbing is a nice tweak to have, but I can’t totally recommend it at this price point without more options, or at the very least, compatibility with apps like Spotify and Pandora.