TinyUmbrella updated with support for iOS 6.1.3

shsh tinyumbrella

Good news jailbreakers. Notcom has finally updated his popular SHSH blob-saver to support iOS 6.1.3. Apple seeded the update to users more than a month ago with a fix for the latest Lock screen security bug and Maps improvements.

Unfortunately, 6.1.3 also killed several of the exploits that the evad3rs were using in evasi0n, effectively killing the iOS 6 jailbreak. But for those of you who upgraded to it, whether by accident or choice, here’s TinyUmbrella version 6.13.00…

From notcom, via the TinyUmbrella blog:

“TinyUmbrella 6.13.00 supports iOS 6.1.3 and the relevant devices. I’ve also fixed a nagging bug that windows users have reported (ClassNotFoundException on Platform).

Thank you all for your support and feedback!”

Even though iOS 6.1.3 killed the latest jailbreak, and we won’t likely see another one released before iOS 7, you never know. So we always recommend saving SHSH blobs for every firmware, on all of your devices, in case you need them later.

Obviously, if you’re still on iOS 6.1.2 or lower though, you don’t need to worry about any of this. But for those that do, you can find the new TinyUmbrella on our Downloads page. And if you need help using it, check out our step-by-step tutorial.