How to get the new LastPic tweak to work with biteSMS

lastpic bite 1

Last month, Filippo Bigarella released a handy little tweak called LastPic. For those who missed it, LastPic lets you quickly add the last photo you took to an iMessage conversation, similar to the Tweetbot function.

Unfortunately, the tweak is only compatible with the iMessage app. But luckily we’ve discovered a simple hack that allows you to use it with the popular jailbreak app biteSMS. And yes, we’ve got a tutorial for you…

Reddit user CantFightRobots points us to this hack posted in biteSMS’ forums:

Note: you’ll need iFile or a similar app, as well as biteSMS and LastPic installed.

Step 1: open up iFile and navigate to:  /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/LastPic.plist.

Step 2: you’ll want to use the Text Viewer option, and tap the Edit button in the upper lefthand corner.

Step 3: next, locate the line that reads: <string></string>, and replace with com.bitesms

lastpic bite 2

Step 4: ensure everything is correct, back out of the .plist and respring your device.

And that’s all there is to it. Obviously, this will disable LastPic support for iMessage. But if you ever wanted to add it back, you could just simply replace com.bitesms with the original code. There’s nothing too difficult here.

Any questions?

Thanks hizinfiz!