XBMC for Apple TV now compatible with iOS 6.1 (5.2)

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Shortly after the release of the iOS 6.x jailbreak tool evasi0n, FireCore rolled out a new version of its Seas0nPass utility to support the latest firmware. Folks with a second-gen ATV on iOS 6.1 (5.2) can now enjoy an untethered jailbreak.

Up until now, though, most people (including myself) have been reluctant to upgrade to the new software because many Apple TV apps still don’t support it. But you’ll be happy to hear that XBMC has just taken its name off of that list…

Here’s Nate Thomas of XBMC with the official announcement:

“As many of you likely have been aware, neither XBMC nor any other non-Apple media center has been available for the updated Apple TV 2 Software 5.2 (iOS 6.1).

Now, we are pleased to announce that XBMC finally supports this update, thanks to the incredible work of XBMC dev Memphiz.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the app, XBMC is a free and open-source media-player that features a number of plug-ins for streaming services like Spotify, YouTube and Pandora Radio, as well as support for many other types of media.

Here’s one of Jeff’s older videos explaining all of the benefits of installing XBMC:

If you need help installing XBMC, we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you jailbreak your Apple TV beforehand. And wouldn’t you know it, we have an easy-to-use guide to help you with that too.