‘Enable Copy text in Facebook’ makes using the official Facebook app less frustrating

saved text facebook

Have you ever had to jump through hoops to log into a desktop website because an app won’t let you copy the text on your phone? This should never happen, but for some unfathomable reason, major services like Facebook do not allow for copying text in-app (the Facebook app currently allows users to copy text from messages and comments, but not from status updates or posts).

Luckily you can get rid of the annoyance, even if Facebook won’t fix the issue themselves. ‘Enable Copy text in Facebook’ is a tweak that allows jailbroken iOS devices to capture the text directly from Facebook posts themselves…

The tweak works as you would expect. Just hold your finger over a post, and you will get an alert informing you that the text has been saved to the clipboard. I would have preferred to see the selective copying mechanism that normally appears when editing text, but copying all the text in a post is far better than nothing.

facebook paste text

Enable Copy text in Facebook is a free tweak available in the ModMyi repository in Cydia. There are no settings to configure, just install the tweak, copy text from Facebook, and paste it wherever you please. If you’re viewing this site on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can access the tweak directly from this link.

What other apps would you like to be able to copy text from? Share your thoughts in the comments below.