Staples executives confirm US locations will soon carry Apple products

apple tv staples ad

Last month, test page ads for an Apple TV and other Apple gear popped up on Staples’ US website, leading many to believe that the office supply chain was finally going to start offering the Cupertino company’s products in its Stateside locations.

Well it was confirmed last night. After Staples reportedly held a meeting with employees announcing the news, executives and other staffers took to Twitter to share their excitement that Apple products would soon be available in their US stores…

9to5Mac points to a number of tweets from Staples employees that mention the finalized Apple deal, including one from Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources Regis Mulot, Strategic Accounts Coordinator Erin LaFlamme, and others.

Thus far, there’s been no mention of what Apple products Staples will carry. But one of the test page ads spotted last month featured an Apple TV, and word has it that it will be carrying several others such as the iPhone, iPad, and full Mac lineup.

It may not seem like it, but this deal is huge. Not only for Staples—who will be able to say, would you like a printer and some paper to go with that new Mac?—but for Apple as well, who will gain access to millions of corporate expense account shoppers.

We’ll keep you updated on this budding partnership.