BookBook makes the iPad mini even more perfect for reading

As we covered previously, there are many versions of Twelve South‘s BookBook and the company is now equipped to deck out your new iPad mini with the new edition. Recently, Twelve South has been getting a lot of well-deserved media attention and the BookBook case for MacBooks helped put them on the map. If you are not yet familiar with the BookBook, allow me to introduce you to an Apple accessory classic…

Build quality

As any savvy Apple customer would know, “premium” is important. Just like Jony Ive worries about the curve on a chamfer, Twelve South worries about producing only a few, well designed Apple accessories each year. The attention to such a small product line gives the company sufficient time to perfect a new product each release. Watching the BookBook transform since the iPhone version, I am pleased with its progression.

The hardback, leather bound case emits arrogance. Like a weathered wallet, the genuine leather is smooth and dry to the touch, which I prefer for the case. If it were a softer leather, the case would lose the edgy book appearance. Supple, is certainly not an adjective I would use for this case when it comes to texture, but it is intentionally crafted in a rigid manner. The spine is perfectly book-esque complete with gold foil inlay and a printed, yet worn “Volume XII.” Clever.

BookBook Coffee Table

Double zippers, adorned with leather tabs, enclose the book to keep out dust and prevent opening during travel. I did have some difficulty with the bottom zipper on my first review unit. As the zipper retracts behind the spine, it was difficult to zip the BookBook closed because the zipper was getting stuck on its track. At times, I couldn’t move the zipper at all. Upon further inspection, I noticed a manufacturing error in the way the stitching held the zipper in place. After contacting Twelve South, they happily agreed to replace the defective unit, boasting a 1-year guarantee on their quality craftsmanship. The stitching error was apparently a fluke problem and my new unit is excellent.

Inside, a leather harness cradles the mini and a micro suede prevents scratching while closed. Inserting the mini into the leather harness is a tight squeeze, as the insert is tailored perfectly for the hardware. Speaker holes, a charging port (sized for the new lightning connector), volume, mic, and sleep/wake button are all exposed for easy access. As the book cover is barely wider than the mini, the volume buttons hide slightly behind the zippered closure, but I would rather have a smaller case than some extra room for button control. Overall, it is not annoyingly difficult to access the buttons on the right side.

BookBook Typing

Personal response

I use my mini primarily for reading the news, tweeting, and, occasionally, reading a book or magazine. The mini is the perfect size for these activities and the BookBook finishes the story. It actually feels like reading a book… and looks like it too.

The binding is not restrictively turgid, which gives enough to completely turn the front cover back and around behind the mini. With this flexibility, one-handed reading is made simple. I often found myself using it this way, especially when moving about the house. When reading at a table over a bowl of cereal in the morning, pop the internal harness up on the typing stand. The angle provides a great typing option or viewing surface. However, if you want a more aggressive incline, flip the BookBook upside down and place the harness edge into the zipper panel, for a better movie viewing option.


The BookBook for mini completes the reading experience for iPad and I’m thankful Twelve South sent one over for review. Moreover, it offers solid hardcover protection in a genuine leather package. Available in black, brown, and red, BookBook inspires the creative in all of us and just looks down right slick. I now own a BookBook for iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini, all of which are excellent cases. You can pick one up for yourself at a price of $69.99, which I find to be a reasonable price for a genuine leather iPad mini case, especially considering there are iPhone cases out there at roughly the same price.

Do any of you own a BookBook version? How do you like it and would you recommend it to others?