Pull To Refresh Safari updated for iOS 6

pull to refresh safari iOS 6

If you are an avid user of Twitter or Facebook, you likely see ‘pull to refresh’ as an essential part of the smart phone experience. So it’s surprising to see how slow Apple has been to bring the gesture to its internal apps. In iOS 6, Apple finally cued in and included their own implementation of Pull To Refresh in Mail. Unfortunately this hasn’t carried over to every one of Apple’s internet-enabled apps; Safari still lacks the feature.

Of course, jailbreakers have had access to Pull To Refresh Safari since iOS 4. Instead of pressing a tiny icon, we could just pull the screen down and refresh the active app. Now the tweak has been updated to work with iOS 6…

iOS 6 pull to refreshPull To Refresh Safari doesn’t match Apple’s take on ‘pull to refresh’, pictured above

My one disappointment with Pull To Refresh Safari’s iOS 6 update is the animation hasn’t been changed to match the default Mail app’s stretchy water-droplet effect. The mismatch isn’t the developer’s fault, Apple decided to go with a slightly different animation for their official implementation, but the lack of cohesion between the two methods makes me feel like I’m using a third-party browser.

That said, Pull To Refresh Safari works as well in iOS 6 as ever and is available for free on the BigBoss repo. If you’re a fan of the pull to refresh gesture, you have no reason not to install it on your device in iOS 6.

Do you think Safari needs a Pull to Refresh gesture? Share your thoughts in the comments below.