Joy of Tech weighs in on iWatch rumors

Talk of Apple working on a smartwatch has really heated up over the past week. Following a speculative piece from a former Apple engineer, both the NYT and the WSJ have reported that the company is indeed building such a product.

So what will this so-called iWatch do? Things like Siri, NFC and support for third-party apps have all been thrown about. But according to the folks over at Joy of Tech, the watch’s built-in Dyson hand drier will be its killer feature…


I have to say, of all the features listed above, my favorite has to be the Groundhog Day Mode. Full time travel capabilities would obviously be better, but I’d settle for going back 24 hours. The Samsung Scrambler would also be fun.

Joking aside, I think the smartwatch space is on the verge of a major boom—just look at the attention the Pebble is getting. And Apple has the third party developer support, design sense, and technology to come in and take it over.

According to the latest reports, the iWatch will run iOS and utilize curved glass. Thus far, no one has made a guess on when Apple will unveil the device, but the WSJ says that it’s already testing different designs with Foxconn.

What sort of things are you hoping the iWatch will do?