Apple slashes a bunch of love songs to 69 cents in Valentine’s Day iTunes promo

iTunes Store (Music, Valentines Day promo)

Hot on the heels of announcing 25 billion song purchases since the iTunes Store’s inception nearly a decade ago, today Apple of California has conveniently kicked off a fitting Valentine’s Day love music promotion.

The company has discounted some of its most popular love songs, which now cost 69 cents a piece. These music tracks span genres and decades, from artists like Aerosmith, Celine Dion, James Taylor, Kenny Chesney and Whitney Houston, to name a few…

You can find these $0.69 love songs right here.

More love songs at normal prices are highlighted in Apple’s new Valentine’s Day Music For Romance section, available here.

Looks like Apple’s on a roll ahead of next Thursday’s Valentine’s Day.

On the App Store, the new Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is now live, highlighting “some of the finest apps and games”.

iTunes Valentine Day Guide

The promotion explains how to gift an app, a feature that was removed and then added back last December to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, along with a brand new custom delivery feature.

valentine's day ad

The online Apple Store is also readying for Valentine’s Day with free engraving, free ‘Signature Gift Wrapping’ and free shipping on orders over $50.