Bear Motion offers a premium iPad mini folio case at a great price

Bear Motion folio

Since the mini was released, I scoured the internet looking for new cases, sleeves, and folios for my favorite new Apple device. If you keep up with my reviews, you know I prefer minimalism and always look for premium products. You may also know, I hate paying big bucks for the nice stuff. The epitome of champagne taste and a beer budget, I stumbled upon Bear Motion and found the intersection of my preferences. If you visit Bear Motion’s unsuspecting website, you may be surprised at my excitement about their iPad folio case.

On my recent quest for a new mini folio, I was looking for something professional, minimalistic, black, leather, and it could not add too much bulk. A reasonable price is obviously always an important factor as well. Meeting all of these requirements, the Bear Motion folio case comes in black or red and is adorned in 100% genuine Brazilian Buffalo leather…

Happily Surprised

I originally stumbled upon Bear Motion while pouring through Amazon’s iPad mini section. Shockingly, this case had received extremely high reviews for a simple folio case. Naturally, I investigated the companies actual website, which is also very basic, with the sole purpose of selling items, containing no flash, glitz, or glamor.

After speaking with their marketing team, they agreed to send over the Bear Motion 100% Brazilian Buffalo Leather Folio Case For iPad mini. If you are wondering if that is the name of their product, yes… yes, it is. No fancy names, numbers, cute titles, just the basics. Their support team was quick to reply and values customer service, based on my conversation and several of the other 62 widely positive Amazon reviews.

At a price of $29.99, I was extremely skeptical when requesting the folio. Additionally, a genuine leather folio at that price point is extremely difficult to find. There are plastic iPhone cases at twice the price. When I opened the package, a very minimal, slim, smart enabled, leather folio for my mini lay inside. The Amazon reviews are definitely justified.

Bear Motion folio interior

Personal Experience

After using the case for about three weeks, I am very pleased with the folio. It even made the trek to CES with me last week and was an excellent plane ride companion. The leather is breaking in well and the natural grain is apparent, but originally I was not so sure. At first glance, I was not certain the leather was actually genuine mostly due to the smell. The packaging was terribly odorous, off-putting actually. The folio wreaked for two whole days as it acclimated and, thankfully, the leather began to smell natural.

Folio propped

Enduring the original stink, I used the folio regularly. The design is simply a folding flap that is smart enabled, behaving similarly to an Apple Smart Cover. Suede lines the inside front flap to prevent scratching and it folds back into a triangle stand to prop for typing, reading, or watching your favorite movie.

The iPad is held in a smooth poly-carbonate minimalist harness with proper access to all ports, the speakers, and camera. The tight fit ensures the iPad will not come out, even if jostled around in a bag. I did find it difficult to activate the mute switch and volume buttons however. If the harness did not cover the front of the volume switches, it would be much easier to access.

Bear Motion switches

It is notable the case does not have an elastic band or other way to hold the folio closed, or open. Consequently, when holding the iPad open, the front flap curls around the back, but dangles unless the user holds it in place. I think adding the elastic strap, similar to a Moleskin notebook, would be the last detail to make this a top pick in my iPad repertoire.


If you are a minimalist that still prefers a basic amount of protection for your device, the Bear Motion folio is a great option. It is professional, genuine leather, and a great price for $29.99. I challenge you to find another folio that offers similar qualities at a discounted price.


  • Price!
  • Genuine leather
  • Smart cover enabled
  • Tri-fold design


  • Nothing holds it open, or closed
  • The packaging makes it stink for the first two days
  • The mute switch and volume controls are difficult to access