Opera Ice: a new WebKit-based mobile web browser


In a move to stay relevant in the mobile space, Opera will be unveiling an all-new web browser for Android and iOS next month. The client will be based on WebKit, and will focus on hiding the technology as much as possible, while embracing rich applications.

Of course, Opera already has a browser on iOS. But this new one, dubbed ‘Opera Ice,’ will be much different. Like a lot of apps these days, Ice’s UI is button-less, and all major functions are controlled by gestures. We’ve got a video of it in action after the fold…

This video, obtained by Pocket-lint, was shot at an internal Opera “all-hands” meeting, held just before Christmas.


As you can see, this isn’t your average web browser. Tabs have been replaced with icons on the homepage, and there’s a single text field for entering in URLs and search queries. Also notice how it allows you to switch between your open windows via a card-like view.

According to Opera, Ice won’t be replacing the existing Opera Mini browser, which will continue to be developed. The Norwegian software company also says that it is working on a new desktop browser, and it hopes to have it ready for launch sometime in March.

I have to say, I’m intrigued by Ice and can’t wait to try it. I like it when developers think outside the box. That being said, the web browser space is tough on iOS. There’s already several great options available, and Apple seriously handicaps third-party clients.

What do you think of Opera Ice?