Firemonkeys posts new Real Racing 3 Developer Diary video

real racing 3 ss

I’ve been looking forward to the new Real Racing title, Real Racing 3, ever since Firemonkeys first unveiled it last August at the EA Summer Showcase press conference. The graphics in the trailer they showed off were very impressive.

We haven’t heard much about the game since then, as it seems like the developers are really taking their time with the racer. But judging by this new Developer Diary video the team just posted, all of that extra work is really going to pay off…

The main focus of Real Racing 3 seems to be its upgraded graphics, which will include realistic reflections, customizable cars, and improved details down to glosses and finishes. And as you can see in the above clip, track features will also be enhanced.

This will be the first game out of the new mobile development studio Firemonkeys, which is made up of Firemint and the Iron Monkey staff — two independent game developers that were acquired by Electronic Arts’ mobile gaming division late last year.

Real Racing 3 was actually scheduled to be released at the end of 2012, but obviously that never came to pass. The new expected release date is sometime at the end of February.

So, who else is excited about Real Racing 3?