LeWeb: former employees Tony Fadell and Pascal Cagni talk Apple

LeWeb conference is underway in Paris and former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Pascal Cagni shared interesting tidbits concerning their former employer. The iPod Godfather Tony Fadell last week painted Apple’s ousted iOS boss Scott Forstall in unfavorable light, telling BBC that Forstall “got what he deserved”.

Nedless to say, Fadell, the 43-year-old computer science engineer of Lebanese origin, spent quite a portion of air time at LeWeb promoting his Nest gadget. The whiz engineer also talked about his pre-Apple career and briefly touched on the subjects of Apple, his business relationship with Steve Jobs, what he learned from Apple’s late co-founder and more.

Fadell has big plans for his Nest thermostat, including making the device available across five hundred retail stores. One more video featuring Pascal Cagni is right after the break…

As you know, Tony is now the founder and chief executive of Nest Labs, the famous startup behind that gorgeous app-enabled thermostat.

Pascal Cagni, for those not in the know, was Apple’s General Manager and Vice President for Europe, Middle-East, India and Africa.

Here’s the full video where he talks Apple, Steve Jobs and secrecy inside the walls of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

The French newspaper LeFigaro reported back in May that Pascal Cagni left Apple after spending twelve years with the company.

Prior to joining Apple as the company’s Vice President of Europe in 2000, he had worked as NEC’s Vice President of Consumer Products and was a sales manager for Compaq and Software Publishing Corporation.

Pascal, who obtained his M.A. in Law at Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris and an M.B.A. from Institut Superieur des Affaires, is also a former member of UK’s Council of Foreign Trade of France and previously had a seat on the Ernst & Young Europe advisory board.

If I were him, I’d have updated my LinkedIn profile by now.