Fans of iPhone photography have a field day with today’s news of the brand new 500px for iPhone app and a significantly reimagined Vimeo iOS build. So, remember hip-hop artist and the Black Eyed Peas leader announcing a 14-megapixel iPhone camera attachment last week?

Today, we learn that the accessory bearing his name and dubbed the is set to launch December 6. It’s gonna be available in contemporary and vintage version for the iPhone 4/4S, with the flagship iPhone 5 unit arriving at some point next year and sporting a dedicated 14-megapixel camera sensor and flash…

According to U.K.’s Telegraph, the contemporary camera attachment will retail for £199, or approximately $317. The pricier vintage models will cost £299, or a whopping $488. Each will be available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 and respectively called C.4 and V.4 and C.5 and V.5.

The white V.4 model has an unmistakable vintage feel to it and also comes with a physical slide-out keyboard.

If you’re not a fan of that pimped gold trim, maybe the more modern C.4 is for you?

A companion app will interact with the accessory, letting you share individual snaps via your free account on the web service. The software will feature on-screen controls to quickly switch between shooting modes, apply real-time filters control the built-in flash, edit pictures, add captions and more.

The difference between the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 version is that the former accessory uses the device’s camera, while the iPhone 5 attachment features its own 14-megapixel sensor and flash. That’s why the iPhone 4/4S versions will ship with interchangeable lenses for standard, fish-eye and photo zoom features.

Does that thing look like something you’d gladly add to your photographer’s toolkit?