Never lose your wallet again with Wallet TrackR

Losing your wallet can be a pretty taxing event. In addition to the cash and other valuables you lose, you’re forced to call and cancel your credit cards, and have to replace your drivers license, insurance cards and other items.

But what if there was a way you could be sure that you wouldn’t ever lose your wallet again? That’s the dream that the folks over at Phone Halo are selling with its new app-connected Bluetooth card known as Wallet TrackR…

The Wallet TrackR is just what it sounds like, a tracking device for your wallet. It’s both thin and small enough to fit inside a credit card holder, and uses low-powered Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone through an application.

The app will alert you if it detects you leaving your wallet behind. The range on Bluetooth 4.0 is about 200 feet, so I suspect that you’re alerted once you come close to that distance away from the TrackR. The cool thing is, if you miss the alert, the TrackR app will tell you the GPS location of where your wallet was at the moment of separation.

Other features of the Wallet TrackR include 18 month battery life, and yes the batteries are replaceable, and a reverse signal function. This is nice because it allows you to set the TrackR up to notify you when you are leaving your iPhone behind.

The Wallet TrackR isn’t in production yet. The developers, who are the same folks who make the Lockitron products, are using an open source crowd-funding tool to raise money to start the first run. $19 gets you on the pre-order list.

We’ve seen other products that offer a similar function for car keys and such, but this might be the first time we’ve seen something like this for wallets. It’s a pretty smart idea actually, and seems like a solid deal for $19.

What do you think?