Never forget your iPhone again with the Wireless Leash Plus

How many times has this happened to you? You’re running late for school, work or another appointment. And about 5 minutes after you’ve left your house, you realize you’ve left your iPhone behind. Noooo!

Now for the rest of the day you’ll be disconnected from the world. No text messaging, no Facebook, and worst of all — no iDB. But you know, none of this would have happened if you would’ve had the Wireless Leash Plus…

The Leash is essentially a tiny device with LED lights, a speaker, and a built-in Bluetooth transmitter that attaches to your car, or house, keys. Although Zomm touts the product as a ‘Personal Safety Concierge,’ it can also be used to warn you when you are about to leave your iPhone behind.

There are two stages of the device’s alert system. When it senses that you’re separating from your iPhone, it starts to vibrate and its LED lights start to flash. If that doesn’t get your attention, the Leash starts to beep at incremental volume levels until it does. And because it uses Bluetooth, these alerts will start to happen when you get about 30 feet away from your handset. There’s also a free iOS app that allows you to remotely activate it from your iPhone in the event that you lose your keys. Cool.

The only thing there is to really dislike about Zomm’s Wireless Leash Plus is its price tag, which runs close to $90. But if you’re the forgetful type, and think it’s worth it, you can find the Leash in Zomm’s online store in a variety of colors.

What do you think of the Wireless Leash Plush?