Meet iSiri, the best iWatch concept to date

The radical iSiri gadget idea by designer Federico Ciccarese may be the ultimate iWatch concept conceived to date. Falling somewhere in between this eerie-looking Matrix-ified gadget and another conceptual time piece with a FaceTime camera on it, iSiri seems so obvious and inevitable. If only Apple didn’t replace the rectangular iPod nano with a tall one…

Ciccarese has more renderings over at his web site.

The design whiz explains:

On the move, in the car, on a walk we want to control our iPhone with the voice and we want it responds without removing it from the pocket.

He says the answer to this need is iSiri.

I can’t get Steve Jobs’s joke out of my head.

During a September 2010 press conference, he put up a slide with a then-new iPod nano with a clock app, saying “one of our board of director members is gonna clip it on to an armband as a watch”.

I still believe to this date Apple must have an iWatch project somewhere inside Jony Ive’s bunker.

Apple only needed to add Bluetooth to the previous-generation iPod nano – I’m sure the accessory industry would have taken care of the rest, no?