Angry Birds visit Mars, new Star Wars clips with Han Solo, Chewie, R2-D2 and C-3PO

Finnish developer Rovio’s really been an adept exploiter of the space theme. Its latest Angry Birds installment, Angry Birds Space, has just been updated with ten volcanic levels on planet Mars and the special Mars Curiosity Rover boss level. This release also contains an antenna egg level (get three stars on all levels to unlock it) and a “super-secret bonus level” that will unlock upon discovering the hidden rover.

Additionally, the company released a new interesting video giving us a hint of gameplay in the upcoming Star Wars tie-in called Angry Birds Star Wars, due November 8. An earlier trailer featured Princess Leia. Don’t also miss another gameplay video from Monday that dropped humorous hints of a romance in the making between Luke Skywalker and Leia.

And while we’re at it, as part of NASA and Rovio once again joining forces with the Red Planet episode for Angry Birds Space, Rovio released three interesting NASA clips about planet Mars. Plus, we also get to see R2-D2 and C-3PO characters in an exclusive Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay video. Don’t worry, we’ve included all of the aforementioned videos right below…

According to Rovio, Angry Birds Space also contains all-new space eagle bonus levels, one per episode.

Get 100% on the space eagle destruction meter to unlock 5 new levels!

Angry Birds Space for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad is 99 cents each.

Free try-before-you-buy versions are also available for the iPhone and iPad.

As for Angry Birds Star Wars, the following clip depicts the popular R2-D2 and C-3PO robot characters.

Your NASA clips follow right below.

MacRumors writer Jordan Golson amusingly noted on Twitter that Rovio’s Star Wars tie-ins couldn’t have come at a better time now that Disney announced future Star Wars films as part of its $4.05 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm.


Are you looking forward to Angry Birds Star Wars?