New iPod nano gets software update

Owners of the newly-introduced iPod nano might be interested to know that there is now a software update available for the device. That’s right, Apple just started shipping the refreshed MP3 player a few days ago, and there’s already new firmware for it.

The update brings the nano’s OS to version 1.0.1. Keep reading for more details…

The update seems very minor. In fact, the only thing listed in the change log is “Support for iPod nano (7th generation).” So the reasoning behind the release is anyone’s guess. AppleInsider thinks it may have something to do with iTunes 11 compatibility issues.

Anyway, to update the new nano, simply plug the device into your computer and load up iTunes — it should automatically offer you the new software. If it doesn’t, you can download it manually by going to the Devices tab, and clicking Summary > Update.

Apple unveiled the 7th generation nano during its iPhone 5 event last month. It has been completely redesigned with a larger display, built-in Bluetooth and new Lightning plug.