Poll: how do you feel about Apple’s Maps apology?

It’s easy to get carried away with Tim Cook’s “we’re really sorry” apology to customers over sub-par mapping experience in iOS 6. After all, everyone is holding Apple in high regard as the company has literally become a yardstick of quality for smooth, pleasing software folks actually love to use.

“If the hardware is the brain and the sinew of our products, the software is their soul”, Steve Jobs once said. And when that soul is left in darkness, Apple’s brand gets tarnished. We’ve seen it happen with MobileMe and it sure looks like history is repeating itself as iPhone customer satisfaction drops due to the Maps fiasco.

Or is it a fiasco? Like every misstep of Apple’s, this one feels like it’s been blown way out of proportion by click-hungry, bloodsucking media vampires (Antennagate, anyone?). iDB is curious to hear your thoughts on the Apple Maps situation so I’ve put together an interesting little poll embedded right below…

Cast your vote now and meet us in comments for amusing analysis, should be interesting…

Not sure if you saw Joy of Tech’s take on Mapgate (here and here), but a related Hitler meme is always nice to watch.

Here are a few tweets that caught my attention.

I also love this pro-tip: If you don’t like the new iOS 6 Maps try the Panorama feature in Camera.

I wonder what would make the harsh critics feel better about Maps mistakes.

Perhaps a free bumper case to make their Maps app work better?

Comic via Chainsawsuit.