Netflix app updated for the larger iPhone 5 display and iOS 6 support

Netflix is one of the more popular iPhone apps, and just a few minutes ago, it received an update for the iPhone 5.

How does the streaming movie app benefit from the added screen space? Check inside for a few shots of the app in action…

How the Netflix app looks on the iPhone 4S:


How the Netflix app looks on the iPhone 5:

Since the iPhone 5 features the sweet-spot 16:9 aspect ratio, then most movies and videos will take up the full screen, as opposed to being letter-boxed. This is one of the major benefits when it comes to upgrading from older hardware to the iPhone 5. If you’re a big movie watcher on the go, then hands-down, the iPhone 5 is for you.

It’s also nice to gain some extra screen for performing searches, looking through various seasons, etc., as demonstrated by the Netflix app upgrade. Have you updated yet? Do you think Netflix used the extra space wisely?