Starbucks to update its iOS app for Passbook by month’s end

Been wondering when you would be able to take your shiny new iPhone into a Starbucks and use Passbook to pay for your grande skinny vanilla latte? Well, wonder no more.

We’ve just spied a Twitter update from the company itself in which we learn that an iOS 6 compatible version of the app, complete with Passbook support, will be with us by the end of the month!

What’s more, Starbucks even added a little bit of geekery to proceedings by signing off with a spot of binary code, just for the lolz…

We’ve covered Passbook in detail already, and we’re sure we are not the only ones looking forward to adding Starbucks to our collection of cards. But what about that binary?

Well, a swift wander over to a binary converter shows us that the code ‘00111010 00101001’ actually equates to a good old smiley face! Aww, how gloriously geeky!