Joy of Tech on the ‘disappointing’ iPhone 5

As expected, Apple’s “boring” iPhone 5 has shattered previous sales record, selling two million pre-orders in just 24 hours. Cupertino’s rivals were quick to point out how the updated hardware “only” boasts a slightly larger display (versus jumbo-sized Android phones), 4G LTE and a faster chip – ignoring numerous little hardware tweaks under the hood.

As Apple fans know, these include the handset’s refined two-tone redesign, HD Audio for crisper phone calls, three mics, better battery life and seamless integration of hardware, software and services delivering the smoothest mobile experience there is, to name a few.

We love Joy of Tech comics and were expecting their take on the “boring iPhone 5”. Here it is…

The comic plays on a pattern we’ve been seeing since the original iPhone introduction five years ago: first, the click-hungry media and opposing blogs pooh-pooh the iPhone. Then, the device goes on sale and everybody and their mother want one.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you so head over to Geek Culture to check out the ending.

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