Poll: which iPhone 5 are you?

Isn’t it funny how no one is bitching about the two-tone iPhone 5 design now? Prior to the announcement, you were pretty divided over the controversial design, with 53 percent upvoting the two-tone thing and the remaining 47 percent saying it looks hideous.

It’s here now, it is two-tone and boy does it look great, thanks to Apple’s production polish and some top-notch Photoshop work. If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s not to take blurry shots of engineering samples and leaked shells for granted: the final production units always feel and look substantially smoother and sexier compared to the samples leaking out of Asia.

The two-tone design entails some interesting design solutions: the handset is no longer purely black or white. Instead, Jonny Ive and his team took advantage of two similar colors to subtly accent the phone’s trim, not just the glass stripes on the back.

If you’ll be getting yourself an iPhone 5, we’d love to hear which one it’s gonna be: the white & silver combo or the black & slate one…


I’m a white gadget person.

To me, smoked black is last century and too Sony-ish.

That’s why all of my mobile devices (iPhones, iPads and so forth) are in white, whenever possible.

But I’m not so sure about the self-imposed rule anymore: that black iPhone 5 looks pretty darn sexy, doesn’t it?

Here’s a closer look at the camera unit.

Black with that trim looks gorgeous!

And here’s your white version.

So, which one is it gonna be, white & silver or black & slate?

Cast your vote now.

We’ve got some nice high-resolution press shots showing off the iPhone 5 in all its glory, with lots more at apple.com/iphone.

Of course, you’ll also wanna sit through Apple’s nicely done iPhone 5 presentation video.

By the way, here’s to hoping that the white iPhone 5 doesn’t discolor like the iPhone 4/4S.

Anyone care to comment on the final two-tone design?