Feast your eyes on gorgeous iPhone 5 shots

Apple just wrapped up its media non-event (so much about doubling down on secrecy, Tim Cook!) that saw Cupertino unveil the long-awaited iPhone 5 with a taller four-inch display, the A6 chip, thinner cameras and a bunch of other technological advances, the new iPod lineup and a re-written iTunes.

The company’s web site has been updated with new products and promotional videos and I thought I’d create a nice gallery of Apple’s press shots that show off the iPhone 5 from all angles. Feast your eyes and feel free to comment on the design…

Note that you can click on any of these images to get a nice Retina-friendly high-resolution version.

This is your iPhone 5.

If it wasn’t for the redesigned headset and a fifth row of icons, you would hardly be able to tell it apart from the iPhone 4/4S, heh?

Love the new black & slate color combination!

Of course, you’ll wanna go to apple.com/iphone if you’re hungry for more.

Prior to the announcement, you seemed pretty divided over the controversial two-tone design, with 53 percent upvoting the design and the remaining 47 percent saying it looks hideous.

Care to share your feelings about the iPhone 5 design now that you’ve seen the official press shots?