Samsung plans to use LTE patents to sue Apple over next-gen iPhone

If you thought Apple’s victory last week was the end of the fighting between it and Samsung, think again. Samsung is still expected to file an appeal on the ruling, and an injunction hearing has already been set.

On top of that, Samsung is said to be gearing up for a major legal counter attack, preparing “all measures for all scenarios” to fight Apple in 50 patent disputes in 10 countries. In other words, “it’s on…”

The Korea Times reports that Samsung plans to sue Apple immediately following the release of the next-gen iPhone if it contains LTE technology. Apparently Samsung owns a large share of LTE-flavored patents.

“Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology. LTE has been emerging as the top standard in the global mobile industry.

According to data from Thomson-Reuters, Nokia ranked top with 18.9 percent in terms of the number of LTE patents, followed by Qualcomm with 12.5 percent, Samsung Electronics with 12.2 percent and Ericsson with 11.6 percent.”

And chances are pretty good that we’ll see LTE in Apple’s new handset, which it’s expected to unveil next month. Apple used the tech in its latest tablet, and the consensus seems to be that it’s a-go for the smartphone as well.

In addition to its legal attack, Samsung is also said to be working closer with its US carrier partners to develop new mobile technologies to get away from Apple’s patented ones. And it’s also increasing its relationship with Microsoft, and its Windows Phone platform, in an effort to reduce its dependency on Android.

Yeah, this Apple-Samsung thing is far from over. In fact, it looks like it’s just beginning.

[via PhoneArena]