Apple rolls out streaming iTunes Festival app to Apple TV

Apple kicks off its annual iTunes Festival in London next month, which will include 30 days worth of free concerts. Several notable stars are expected to perform at the event, including Usher, OneRepublic and David Guetta.

And here’s how you can watch the whole thing for free…

Users will be able to watch free live streams of all of the performances on their Apple TV, their iPhones or iPads via the iOS app, or online.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple started pushing out the dedicated iTunes Festival app to Apple TVs last night. And the iOS app is out as well.

If you’re interested, you can find the app on your Apple TV located on the main menu, or you can download the iOS app from the App Store.

The 2012 iTunes Festival kicks off on Saturday, September 1st at London’s Roundhouse venue, and will run up until September 30th.