Cover your iPad in nostalgia with the Padintosh Case

In the overcrowded world of iPad cases, an accessory manufacturer has to make its covers extremely unique to stand out. Well it doesn’t get much more unique than this.

Meet the Padintosh Case for iPad. The cover promises to bring out the Macintosh geek in you with its nostalgic 1984 Mac design, while still protecting your 2012 tablet…

The Padintosh Case looks great, and the details are spot on. Notice the loaded floppy disk drive, and the beveling around the monitor. And yes, that’s MacPaint on the display.

But the Padintosh isn’t all show. The hard casing is precision cut for a tight fit and maximum protection. It’s also only 2mm thick, and is compatible with Smart Covers.

The case works with both second and third generation iPads, and is surprisingly inexpensive. If you’re interested, you can find the Padintosh over at ThinkGeek for just $24.99.

What do you think of the Padintosh Case?