Video shows off the Pebble wristwatch user interface

Pebble, an iPhone-connected wristwatch, made rounds earlier this year. It took the iOS community by storm with its advanced features like the ability to pull various data off your iOS or Android device, the stuff like caller ID, email, calendar alerts, Facebook messages and Twitter notifications.

It also has a software development kit and features an e-paper display viewable in direct sunlight, a built-in accelerometer and a battery that will last you a staggering 7 days.

And now, the folks behind this interesting Kickstarter project have decided to show off an early beta of the Pebble’s gorgeous user interface…

The video below takes us on a preview of the Pebble interface and the device’s circuit board with the Pebble display connected and running the interface.

The latter shows some jerkiness, unlike the interface shown off on an iPhone, but that’s probably just one of the perks of beta software.

Here’s your video.

According to a Kickstarter page (via GottaBeMobile), the Pebble project is currently in an Engineering Verification stage, which means the team has still some testing to do before moving into a tooling and then manufacturing phase.

The Pebble comes in arctic white, jet black, cherry red and orange.

What do you think, is the Pebble worth waiting for?