Create disposable phone numbers for your iPhone with Burner

This is pretty interesting. Burner is a new service that provides you with disposable phone numbers for your iPhone. It’s like having a fake phone number that you can give out, except you can actually be reached at it.

Think about all of the situations in which you are asked to give out your phone number but don’t really want to — whether it be to an acquaintance, or a salesmen, or signing up for a new online service. Enter Burner…


TheNextWeb points to the service, which just launched a new iPhone app last month. The Burner app lets you purchase disposable phone numbers that you can use for phone or text, and then ‘burn’ after your done with them.

The software comes with one throwaway number and enough credits to try the service briefly. But after that, you’ll have to purchase additional phone numbers and service time. A block of 25 credits costs $11.99, which will get you about 8 Mini Burners. A Mini-Burner is a number that’s good for 7 days, 20 minutes of voice, or 60 text messages, whichever comes first. And there are additional options available at different prices.

Burner for the iPhone is $1.99, and can be found in the App Store.

What do you think of the Burner service?