Poll: is Microsoft launching Office for iPad today?

Microsoft is unveiling something today, but the company would uncharacteristically release no agenda for today’s presser, which begins at noon Pacific time. A media release only mentions that Microsoft will be making an announcement today and teases “news live from San Francisco via webcast.

It’s gotta be some kind of a biggie as Steve Ballmer, the CEO, “will share the news”, per the release. But what exactly is it? Office for iPad, anyone? It’s a simple YES/NO poll so cast your vote now…

If they were buying Nokia, it would be on the investor site. If Redmond was unveiling Office 15, that would warrant a venue.

We’ve known that Office for iPad has been in the works for some time now, though latest repots have indicated a late-2012 release date.

Granted, it would be a tad peculiar if Microsoft released tablet Office for iPad first, then for its own Surface tablet.

However, bear in mind that the two Office builds are probably being developed by separate teams and as such being scheduled for release independently of each other.

Here, vote now.

Do you think the native Office suite for iPad, officially from Microsoft, is a big deal?

Chime in with your thoughts down in the comments.