PhotoMojo, a simple photo editing and sharing app for iPhone

Plenty of photo editors span the App Store but few are as holistic as HalfPeeled‘s “PhotoMojo!” Boasting a clever assortment of photo editing tools that easily surpass Instagram, PhotoMojo! is a crafty and fun attempt to shoulder onto a much larger stage.

The app utlizes the Aviary engine to drive photo enhancements from speech bubbles to filters and offers many ways to share your new favorite photo…


User interfaces can make or break an app and the UI is intuitive, even for a new user. PhotoMojo! is well designed and laid out for the user, but function is where this app truly shines. On the initial load, PhotoMojo! presents a series of annotated screen shots to give the user a quick walk through of the different editing tools, which are located on a simple bottom tabbed navigation system that progresses through different editing features for each photo.


With 13 different editing options, more than 10 camera filters, and a myriad of boarder patterns, one is only limited by his own creativity. Filters are a common place in photo editing apps, which is why the extra bells and whistles add to PhotoMojo!’s appeal.

The editor includes the ability to freehand draw on images, while providing varied brush sizes and colors. In addition, add customizable text boxes and download sticker packs for extra personalization. The photo editor also offers multiple solutions for tweaking images to preferred specifications by: controlling exact blemish locations; auto enhancing photos; shifting orientation; brightness; contrast; sharpness; red eye reduction; and teeth whitening.

To polish it all off, add one of many customizable boarders and then save and share your masterpiece. In-app options include: messaging, emailing, printing, tweeting, saving to Camera Roll, adding to Tumblr, posting to Instagram, and saving to Dropbox or Evernote. NOTE: to save to Dropbox or Evernote, in the current app version, choose “Instagram” to be presented with those additional choices.


PhotoMojo! ($0.99 on App Store) is a well designed addition to the photo editor options for iPhone. With creative ways to interact with photography, HalfPeeled provides an intuitive and well-connected option for photo editing and I greatly appreciate the different ways to push out an edited picture from within the app. While a few smaller details continue to be worked out, such as the Dropbox and Evernote menu options, the app is a good choice for the snap-edit-share lover in all of us.


  • 13 editing options
  • 10 camera filters
  • 25 wallpaper boarders
  • Share photography with Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
  • Print from app


  • No obvious “undo” button in the editor

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